We all know Halloween isn’t the most tooth-friendly holiday.  Sometimes people think that because I’m a dental hygienist I don’t eat candy.  I definitely eat candy.  I let my kids eat candy- probably too much of it on Halloween!  Do I worry about how this might affect their teeth? Absolutely!

Did you know that caries (the disease that causes tooth decay) is the most prevalent chronic disease that affects both children and adults?  Did you know that you can avoid them completely?

Setting good brushing and flossing routines with kids is really important.  The type of sweets and when you eat them also can make a big difference with keeping kids’ teeth healthy.  I am a big fan of xylitol and I recommend everyone use xylitol after snacks and meals.  Xylitol is a natural sweetener in gum and mints that interferes with the metabolism of the bacteria in our mouth.  This makes them unable to release acids which can cause tooth decay.

At Keystone Dental we love helping people be their best, most healthy selves!  A big part of that means having good oral health as one part in whole body health.  One way we can help with this is by focusing on the Prevention Model of care instead of the Disease Model of care- meaning that we work hard to lower your risk of ever getting tooth decay instead of just treating the damage of tooth decay.

To find out more about how you can help protect your child’s teeth this Halloween, please visit the link below.  Happy Halloween!


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