The Seattle dentist with a progressive approach

At Keystone Dental, we’re into building things – like healthier smiles, long-lasting patient relationships, and a practice our patients trust.


We’re passionate about prevention. While we’re experts at restoring damaged dental work, our ultimate goal is to help you minimize your risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease with a customized prevention program. In other words, we partner with you to identify and fix the small dental issues before they can grow into big, and potentially much more costly, problems that might impact your overall health.

Highly collaborative

We take great pride in our collaborative approach to patient care. Not only does the Keystone Dental Team work hand-in-hand to make sure you get the care you need, we’re sure to include you in every decision as well. We talk in terms you’ll understand, are happy to explain all the options, and encourage all of our patients to take an active role in their oral health. When we work together, good things happen.

Minimally invasive

We take a decidedly conservative approach to dental treatment. In situations where preventive care isn’t enough, we’ll take corrective action – but do so in a way that allows you to keep as much of your natural tooth as possible. It’s a proven process called minimally invasive dentistry, and our patients love the results.

Technologically advanced

Our practice is proof that the right tools can make a world of difference. From digital X-rays to CAD/CAM dentistry, CAMBRA assessments to 8X magnification, we have the technologies that have been proven to deliver breakthrough, evidence-based healthcare solutions in the safest, most efficient way possible.

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